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Currency conversion: favourable rates for foreign currencies.

Make use of the financially attractive option of currency conversion through CO2 Börse and make significant cost savings. This currency conversion (e.g. Swiss Francs into Euros) occurs under more favourable conditions in comparison with the normal banking exchange rate for the day. Transferral to an appropriate escrow account is required from the conversion of sums greater than CHF 10,000. Additionally, the regulations for the import and export of currency require declaration to the appropriate border agency from comparatively small sums (CH export CHF 10,000, EU import EUR 10,000).

Avoid this complexity using the attractive currency conversion service from CO2 Börse! Simply tell us the sum that is required in the foreign currency and we will tell you the CHF sum to be transferred – and we will pay for your desired vehicle in accordance with your specifications within two working days


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