The Import Butler as a CO2 Börse AG brand for private customers takes over all the car import stages through to Swiss registration.

Buying a car abroad and importing it to Switzerland?

It’s never been as easy as this!​

Why import a car directly?

With a direct car import you profit from the best prices and therefore an even larger selection of new cars, provisional registrations, nearly new used cars and used cars.

Thanks to the strong Swiss franc, differences in VAT and better prices abroad within the EU, you can save 40% or more with a direct car import.

More and more Swiss are making use of the cars on offer in our neighbouring countries, for example Germany, Austria, France, Italy and importing a car themselves. One in 10 cars is imported from abroad into Switzerland today. These are not just new cars but increasingly also used cars.

Many Swiss end customers are not prepared to pay extremely high prices for the equivalent car in Switzerland.

 “Every car in Switzerland is an imported car as Switzerland doesn’t produce any cars!”“

Finding a car to import!

How do you find a suitable car abroad?

Very easily: “Use Germany’s largest car market”. The selection of vehicles offered through our cooperation partner is 10 times larger compared to car markets in Switzerland.

“Over 1.4 million car import offers!”

Thanks to being integrated into you can quickly and easily find out what the car offers cost in CHF.

Search for your next car now on!

Having a car imported!

Import-Butler takes over the entire car import process for you. Transport, customs clearance, CO2 optimisation, vehicle inspection and registration in Switzerland. Regardless of whether you want to import an “Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Porsche” brand. We offer our services for direct car imports for all car brands.

If you have already found your car, then calculate the import costs now.


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